For our internal project, our goal was to seamlessly blend alpine elegance with urban vibrancy, creating a cohesive journey from the mountains to the city and an interesting take on fashion films.

During our extended story, we showcased, in depth, the environments that were created to represent this imaginary brand. Majestic vistas with details of snow and falling rocks were used to express the mountainous regions. While cityscapes crafted with a mix of scaffolding, cloth, concrete, and shipping containers were interspersed with campaign advertisements that hinted at the fusion of sports and streetwear. 

Graphic lighting and captivatingly minimalistic design helped to craft a modern interpretation of both environments. Clever editing that employed a snappy momentum with match cuts, along with hard-hitting sound design, enabled us to ensure smooth transitions to keep the viewer engaged.

Mountain Design

Inspired by a blend of luxury and adventure, we set out to create these mountainous explorations. 
Our aim was to capture sportswear's essence by showcasing the stunning synergy between high-performance fashion and the majestic, untamed beauty of the mountains.

City Design

Blending Sportswear with Streetwear merges high fashion with street culture, creating a unique fusion of luxury and urban style. Inspired by this partnership, we infused city elements into our designs, bringing a dynamic street culture vibe to our urban aesthetic.

RND + Explorations

We had a lot of fun working on RND for this piece, ensuring that we created a signature blend of sophistication and functionality. Our process focused on integrating materials and innovative designs to create a blend between the mountains and cityscapes.

CGI / Animation

Creative Direction
Nidia Dias & Miguel Rato

Global Head of Production
Hannah Byers-Brown

Antia Goicoechea

Executive Creative Producer
Chago Venable

Early Explorations
Sylvain Gaussens, Hernán Lindenbaum, Dennis Tiege

Steward Lupercio, Marcel Piekarski, Afonso Soares, Dennis Tiege

Maurizio de Angelis

Tiago Andrade, Ezequiel Grand, Marcel Piekarski, Afonso Soares

Afonso Soares

Tiago Andrade, Steward Lupercio, Marcel Piekarski

Tiago Andrade

Comp Support
Marcel Piekarski

Nidia Dias & Afonso Soares

Music & Sound Design
Joseph Smith Music

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